• This Minnesota Mom is Facing 2 Years in Jail for Saving Her Son’s Life

    mom facing jail

    “I broke the law, but I did it to save my son…..We are good hard working people that were just trying to save our son’s life. It has been a living hell since his injury and this just adds to our ever growing stress.” Madison, MN — A mother of two is facing jail time […]

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  • A Much Needed Guide To Avoid Becoming A Basic B*tch (Video)


    It’s the question that everyone on the Internet has been asking the past few months: “What is a basic bitch?” While I can’t confidently tell you that I even know for sure, I can tell you that you definitely don’t want to be one. So what on earth should you do if you become a […]

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  • Did Snapchat Just Create A Way To Pay For Nudes?


    Snapchat recently announced its partnership with Square to launch Snapcash, a new service for sending money to friends. Snapcash will initially only be available to US Snapchat users who are 18 years and older, though it will presumably expand to other countries moving forward. While Venmo, Google Wallet and more try to take a business approach to peer-to-peer payments, Snapchat has […]

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  • Fucked up Japanese shit!


    Another Japanese production. Enjoy and be disgusted! This video goes from fucked to plain out fucked up in a matter of moments. The video starts out with a man who is ashamed of his disgustingly large nipples that hang down to his stomach and from there it gets even more fucked up when the man […]

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  • 20 Scary Real Photos


      The severe effects of shellshock, what we now know as PTSD, on a WW1 soldier. Real victim of the phenomena known as spontaneous combustion.   Ilse Koch, the “Bitch of Buchenwald”, in captivity. Her atrocities included making human skin lampshades. Want some popcorn? This photo is long before the era of photoshop, although it […]

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  • This Strange Baker Makes Bread Stranger By Baking This Body Part Bread

    body parts

    Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is a play (and movie) about a barber who murders people and hides the bodies in his neighbor’s meat pies. Artist Kittiwat Unarrom must have heard about the play and thought, “What a delicious idea!” While his bakery doesn’t actually use the corpses of murdered people (we hope), his creations are made […]

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  • These Divers Went Deep Into The Mediterranean And Discovered A Lost City

    sunken city 2

    How amazing would it be to an aquatic explorer? You’d spend your life looking for the lost remnants of ships from the past, deep below the ocean’s surface. You’d find lost treasure and other valuables scattered across the ocean floor or in old shipwrecks. Maybe one day you’d find the mother of all aquatic treasures […]

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  • The Mexican Government Reveals Mayan Documents Proving Extraterrestrial Contact


    The reality of extraterrestrial contact with human civilization is becoming more clear by the month as streams of information about the extraterrestrial presence and past influence hits. While some of us still have our doubts about ET contact, many are starting to realize the truth that has been talked about for centuries. One big story […]

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  • 10 Things More Interesting About A Girl Than Her Ass


    We’re the generation that loves the ass — specifically, the female ass. Our songs and our culture celebrate a woman’s generous derriere, and sometimes, very little else (or nothing, as Kim Kardashian has recently shown). Not only are we under fire for cultural appropriation, but we must also wonder if there are some other feminine […]

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  • This Is No Myth: The 5 Reasons Why Girls Hate Showering


    Women are known for having many love/hate relationships, like with our ex-boyfriends or with carbs. But then there’s also our greatest frenemy of all: showers. This is an indisputable fact and an issue every female has dealt with at one point in her life. Our shower schedule gets in the way of everything, from our […]

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